EXCUSE Magazine is founded on the aspect of making up excuses in life to explain a lack of success or failure. 

Our platform is here to celebrate individuals who have managed to break down their boundaries, stepped out of their comfort zones and created magic despite what society might have expected from them. 

EXCUSE Magazine will focus on featuring exceptional people from all sorts of backgrounds providing them a platform to tell their stories without taboos. 

For our first issue we would like to collaborate with creatives from all around the world who can shine their brightest light to others and bring out the best from people.

We believe that beautifully shot fashion is key to express one’s identity mixing it with exclusive interviews and strong, opinionated journalism.

The magazine will be supplemented with Excusemagazine.com, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, providing a drip feed of fashion, art, beauty and culture.

Everyone has an excuse in life but it depends on you what you do with yours.